Combined Radio Catalogue


FIRST/NVSS combined radio catalogue

(Please see Mingo et al. 2016 for details on the catalogue construction, use, and caveats) This radio catalogue combines 1.4 GHz data from FIRST and NVSS into a single table. We collapsed FIRST sources within 30 arcsec of each other, or within 30 arcsec of an NVSS source, into a single, combined FIRST source, co-adding the fluxes, and calculating the sky position from a flux-weighted average of the individual FIRST source coordinates. When both FIRST and NVSS data were present, we used the FIRST position and flux, unless the NVSS flux was larger by at least 5 sigma, in which case the NVSS position and flux were used. The catalogue contains a total of 2129340 sources, of which 98647 have more than one FIRST component.


Column Unit Description
COMB_ID ID of the combined radio source
COMB_RA deg Radio combined RA, degrees
COMB_DEC deg Radio combined DEC, degrees
COMB_RA_ERR arcsec Radio combined RA error, arcsec
COMB_DEC_ERR arcsec Radio combined DEC error, arcsec
COMB_FLUX mJy Radio combined flux, mJy
COMB_FLUX_ERR mJy Radio combined flux error, mJy
NVSS_ID ID of the NVSS source
NVSS_RA deg RA of the NVSS source, degrees
NVSS_DEC deg DEC of the NVSS source, degrees
NVSS_RA_ERR arcsec RA error of the NVSS source, arcsec
NVSS_DEC_ERR arcsec DEC error of the NVSS source, arcsec
NVSS_FINT mJy Integrated NVSS flux, mJy
NVSS_FINT_ERR mJy Integrated NVSS flux error, mJy
FIRST_ID ID(s) of the FIRST source(s)
FIRST_COMB_NSRC Number of FIRST sources combined
FIRST_COMB_NORMS Normalisations for each of the FIRST sources combined
FIRST_COMB_RA deg Combined RA of the FIRST sources, degrees
FIRST_COMB_DEC deg Combined DEC of the FIRST sources, degrees
FIRST_COMB_RA_ERR arcsec Combined FIRST RA error, arcsec
FIRST_COMB_DEC_ERR arcsec Combined FIRST DEC error, arcsec
FIRST_COMB_FINT mJy Combined FIRST flux, mJy
FIRST_COMB_FINT_ERR mJy Combined FIRST flux error, mJy
F_RATIO Ratio of the NVSS/FIRST fluxes


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