Active agenda


C. Motch - Introduction & welcome  pdf download

Session 1: AGN

I Georgantopoulos - Obscured AGN in the Universe  pdf download
M . Page - AGN populations in X-ray surveys  pdf download
B. Mingo - Radio-loud AGN through the eyes of 3XMM, WISE and FIRST/NVSS  pdf download
S. Fotopoulou - Cross correlations of the XXL-1000-AGN sample  pdf download
F.J. Carrera - Exploring the XMM-ATLAS survey with the ARCHES tools  pdf download
T. T. Ananna- X-ray-selected AGN sources from the Stripe 82X survey  pdf download
A. Ruiz - [OIII]5007A emitting galaxies in the SDSS-dr10/3XMMe/WISE cross-correlation  pdf download

Session 2: Clusters

T. Reiprich - Galaxy cluster surveys  pdf download
M. Pierre - The XXL XMM survey: an overview  pdf download
A. Mints - The Integrated Cluster Finder  pdf download
M. Douspis - The SZ Meta-Catalogue  pdf download
T. Sadibekova - Case-study correlation between the RedMapper (SDSS) and XCLASS (XMM) cluster catalogues  pdf download
J. Ridl - The XMM Cluster Archive Super Survey  pdf download
E. Koulouridis - Finding rare AGN in the XXL survey  pdf download

Session 3: Cross-correlation techniques, SEDs and general surveys

M. Salvato - Multiwavelength cross-correlation methods  pdf download
F.X. Pineau - The ARCHES cross-correlation tool  pdf download
M. Lopez del Fresno - The ARCHES Spectral Energy Distribution archive of 3XMM sources  pdf download
A. De Luca - The EXTraS project: Exploring the X-ray Transient and variable Sky  pdf download
R.P. Mignani - Identification of Fermi-LAT gamma-ray sources  pdf download
J.J.  Rodes - Optical/infrared counterparts to X-ray binary sources  pdf download

Session 4: Hands-on session

F.X. Pineau - Cross-correlation tool  pdf download
L. Michel - ARCHES XCAT-DB cross-identifications database  pdf download pdf download
A. Mints - Cluster finder  

Session 5: Galactic Surveys

R. Warwick - Galactic X-Ray Surveys And Galactic X-Ray Source Populations  pdf download
K. Morihana - Near-Infrared Follow-up Study of the Faint Sources constituting the Galactic Ridge X-ray Emission  pdf download
F.Jiménez-Esteban - Debris discs in young late type stars  pdf download
E. Sanchez Ayaso - A multi-wavelength view of the X-ray stellar content of the Galaxy  pdf download
A. Nebot - A catalog of X-ray emitting WR stars  pdf download


C. Motch - Workshop summary & plans for data & s/w release   pdf download

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