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Enhanced Catalogue

The enhanced 3XMM catalogue (designated 3XMMe) is one of the core elements of the Arches project, representing the X-ray source basis for the cross-correlations with other multi-wavelength catalogues. The 3XMMe catalogue is a derivative of the latest increment of the 3XMM catalogue, i.e. 3XMM-DR5, that was publicly released in April 2015 (Rosen et al., 2015 (submitted to A&A)), tailored for the purposes of the Arches project. The 3XMM-DR5 catalogue, available from the XMM-Newton Science Archive, the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre (SSC) and other sites listed on the SSC site, contains 565962 detections arising from 396910 unique sources drawn from 7781 XMM observations. These numbers include detections from 356 sub-pointings made in mosaic.... [Read more

The detection version of the catalogue can be obtained from here while the unique source version is here.





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