Distribution of knowledge and products (WP12 & WP13)

Two of the ARCHES WPs aim at organising proper and quality training to tools developed during the project and at ensuring that products and their documentation are made available to the community.

-WP12 Personnel training

-WP13 Dissemination & Outreach

WP12 aims at training staff to use the tools developed by ARCHES. This will enable the extension of the scientific impact of ARCHES well beyond the end of the project.

Planned activity :

The work will consist in organising training sessions at each of the three institutes leading tools development and final product generation, namely at the University of Strasbourg, the Astrophysik Institut Potsdam and the Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial. Training sessions will focus on the use of the cross-correlation tool, SED tool, and Integrated Cluster Finder. It will consist in courses describing the astrophysical and statistical backgrounds at the basis of these tools as well as hands-on sessions.

INTA is responsible for this WP and AIP and UNISTRA will contribute to the training effort and to produce the following output:

- A first training session

-A synthetic report presenting the number, content, attendance and expected impact of the different training courses organised by ARCHES.

WP13 aims at disseminating the knowledge of the project in the scientific community and investigate the possibility to use the results and tools for outreach, in particular towards higher education.

Planned activity:

Activities foreseen under this WP include:

-providing result catalogues in the CDS VizieR service with the required documentation,

-designing and implementing a Virtual Observatory compliant database and interface hosting the spectral energy distributions created by ARCHES,

-setting up a dedicated interface providing access to tools and to their documentation,

-providing a Virtual Observatory compliant service implementing remote use of the ARCHES cross-correlation tool,

-compiling all dissemination activities performed by the different work packages,

-organising the final Scientific Workshop by setting up a scientific organising committee, inviting speakers and managing contributions,

-exploring the possibility of using project result and tools e.g. in tutorials aimed at University and college students,

-generating graphical material and sending press releases in order to advertise the scientific outcome to a community as wide as possible.

Under the responsibility of the University of Strasbourg solely, the outcome of this WP will be:

-A database implementing a Virtual Observatory compliant interface hosting the cross-identified catalogues and spectral energy distributions created by ARCHES and access to tools and to their documentation

-A report presenting a global view of all dissemination activities performed by consortium toward professional and general audiences

- The organisation of a scientific workshop during which the international astronomical community will be invited to present results based on ARCHES products, and which will allow the ARCHES project to describe in more details the properties of the products released for the benefit of the whole community.

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